Partner With Our Ministry.

We are actively seeking partners to help us as we spread the gospel cross the country through our music ministry. For years now our maple syrup farm has been absorbing much of the cost associated with maintaining our bus which is our home for nearly 6 months a year. God is so good and has been providing for us and keeping the bus rolling. Our bus is a 1993 and we are thankful for it but the 'ole girl needs new new parts.  A close friend of ours has suggested we put up this page in the event that someone wants to help us with our ministry and give them the opportunity to do so. Running a bus for us is much more cost-effective than staying in hotels as we travel so we are being good stewards in that aspect. The cost of running a bus averages a dollar a mile. Would you prayerfully consider helping us with one of these needs. While the interior upholstery has worn out and the exterior paint is rapidly wearing off those issues are mostly cosmetic. While we would love to have those items addressed these following items are mechanical necessities and are priorities. 

Exhaust Pipe $650 
Muffler $825 
Rear Seal $315 
Power Steering Pump $1,032 
Fan Gear Box $1,783 
Steer Tires $1,533 
Upholstery $4,425
Paint $16,000