Guitar, vocals  

    Providing spiritual leadership, purpose and family vision  Manages the day to day maple syrup farm operations, band bookings .   Has a heart for the Lord and is rarely seen without his children.



Upright Bass  

     In one word "Sweet".   Tender and mild hearted Tracey is the teacher of  the children, the home keeper, accountant for all our entities and somehow finds time to keep up with our music schedule.  Dad is also quick to mention that she is the prettiest bass player in all of bluegrass!



Vocals, Dobro, Guitar, Mandolin, Bass  

     Diligent, faithful and hardworking.  Whether he is learning new music or working on the farm this young man takes on full responsibility and does it heartily onto the Lord.  As he was as a infant still to this day it is hard to find him without a smile on his face.



Vocals, Banjo,Bass, Guitar, Mandolin  

     Determined, hardworking and funny funny funny!  Daltin is our mechanic around the farm as God has blessed him with the ability to figure out what makes things tick and how to make them run.  Not a day goes by without  Daltin initiating several side splitting, make it stop, laughing bouts.



Vocals, Fiddle, Mandolin, Bass  

     Not to be outdone by her older brothers, she is energetic, versatile, humorous and outgoing. She has a knack of filling in wherever needed. Whether tending to the needs of her younger siblings, helping with meals or even helping with daily maple syrup operations.  This is one special young lady!



Vocals, Mandolin, Fiddle  

    Cuteness off the scale!  Bethany is a very comfortable stage performer that has been singing for us since the age of five.  She loves looking after her younger brother and is quick to do pitch in wherever needed.  It seems she loves responsibility almost as much as she loves giving hugs.




Working on it! 

    Very easy going and just fun to be around.  Mitchell wanting to join the family band started singing live on stages at the age of 5 and is often seen strumming a small guitar or mandolin around the house.